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GBA inc.’s division Rapid Acoustial Floors (commonly referred to as RAF) is a licensed dealer of Maxxon Floor Products.

Maxxon Floor Products, otherwise known as Gypcrete, is a gypsum-based product that will level floors, old and new.

Let GBA inc help you choose the right floor for you!


GBA inc.’s division RAPID ACOUSTICAL FLOORS (commonly referred to as RAF) is a licensed dealer of Maxxon products, the premier provider of underlayment products for solving virtually any floor problem. With over 30 years of experience with Maxxon products, let us help you chose the right product for you!

From a full spectrum of floor underlayments to the ultimate sound deadening systems, Maxxon® offers proven solutions for a world of floor challenges, including:

  • Renovation
  • Commercial
  • Single Family Homes
  • Multifamily Housing
  • Self-Leveling Applications
  • Sound Deadening Systems

Proven on over 4 Billion Square Feet.

Where will you find Maxxon® underlayments at work? Enhancing sound control in multifamily dwellings. Efficiently warming commercial buildings and homes with radiant floor heat. Providing a level surface on otherwise out-of-level concrete slabs. And giving new life to floors that were once damaged beyond repair. Whatever the challenge, count on answers specific to your application from Maxxon — the floor specialists. From the original Gyp-Crete® Floor Underlayment, the Maxxon line has expanded to include five gypsum floor underlayments and cementitious underlayments. Each is designed to solve a particular construction problem—and proven in over 4 billion square feet of underlayments installed in apartments, commercial buildings and homes worldwide.

Better Sound Control

Maxxon Floor Underlayments are specified in all the best sound control systems because they…

  • Seal perimeter cracks, reducing sound leaks
  • Stiffen the floor, virtually eliminating squeaky floors and nail pops
  • Muffle sound transmission, despite their light weight


Dura-Cap®, Commercial Topping® and Gyp-Crete 2000®/3.2K take worn, uneven floors and make them flat and smooth. Poured from a featheredge to three inches deep, they fill cracks and voids left after walls are removed. Perfect for renovations over wood, concrete and old floor coverings.


Dura-Cap or Commercial Topping Floor Underlayments make any irregular or damaged concrete floor like new. They can spot-patch depressions or smooth an entire floor. Plus they attain compressive strengths of up to 4500 psi (31 MPa). And as levelers, Dura-Cap and Commercial Topping are easily poured in small and large jobs alike. For new wood-frame commercial buildings, Gyp-Crete 2000 provides a strong underlayment.

Single-Family Homes

Builders appreciate Gyp-Crete 2000 because it won’t warp or delaminate like plywood, and it helps eliminate squeaks and nail pops. Homeowners like Gyp-Crete 2000 because it makes their homes more energy efficient, fire resistant and comfortable. And because it seals the base of every room, it helps keep out insects and other pests. For homeowners who opt for radiant floor heating, Therma-Floor® is the underlayment of choice. It provides all the benefits of Gyp-Crete 2000, plus special additives to meet the demands of this increasingly popular heating system.

Multifamily Housing

Sound and fire control are the primary reasons for specifying Gyp-Crete® in multifamily designs, but general contractors also prefer our underlayments for their quick installation, fast drying and minimum preparation requirements. Gyp-Crete 2000, Dura-Cap and Commercial Topping are the higher strength, faster drying choices for areas that will receive glue-down floor goods. A six-person crew can pour 30,000 square feet (2,787 m2) in a single day. And with our fast setting time, painters and other light subtrades can be scheduled within 24 hours.

Self-Leveling Applications

When the job calls for a high-strength, self-leveling, cementitious underlayment, Level-Right® is the cost-effective solution. It’s pumped in directly over new, irregular or weather-damaged concrete, wood, or over worn ceramic tile, terrazzo and adhesives — making them smooth and level. Level-Right saves time and money in prepping floors for floor goods installation, too.

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Infloor Radiant Heating Inc. offers comfort and efficiency with radiant heating systems which don’t stir up dust or allergens. Radiant heat also warms your body and objects in a room – as opposed to just the air. So you can maximize the efficiency of your heat system through a Radiant Heat System. These systems range from a residential system in both hot water and electric to a commercial system for use in:

  • Garages
  • Industrial
  • Buildings
  • Airplane Hangars
  • Car Washes
  • Snowmelting
  • And Many Other Applications

The hot water residential system is ideal for new construction and can be used for whole house heating to supplemental heating to Infloor-to-Go™. Infloor-to-Go™ is a means of installing the tubing in the concrete and leaving the installation of the hardware and controls for a later time.

The electric system is also ideal for new construction or renovation as a complete heating system or for floor warming in selected areas such as bathrooms, entryways and kitchens. Take the chill out of your tile areas and put the comfort in with an Infloor electric heating system.

At GBA inc. we can help you determine what type of heating is best for your home or commercial building project and we’ll work hard to help lower your heating costs and create an effective and efficient home heating system through Infloor Radiant Heat.